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Open lasagne van St jakobschelpen en Merguez Pak choi, anijs paddenstoelen, Mosterd schuim

Ingredienten Pasta dough Flour, salt, egg yolks Form a stiff dough and allow to cool for 20 minutes Heat a deep pan of salted water to boil Roll the dough to the thinnest possible setting Cook the pasta for 1 … Continue reading

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Esquabeche, Venkel, wortel, sjalot en safraan Rode biet creme, Venkel creme

Ingrediënten Red snapper (or similar flat fish) Fennel, Carrot, Shallot, Garlic, Saffron, White wine vinegar, Olive oil Beetroot, Crème Fraiche, Cream, Herb garnish Clean the fish from pin pones and scales, cut into 70g pieces Finely slice the carrot, fennel … Continue reading

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Eendenborst, honing, lavendel, rose peper, zee zout Limburgs appelstroop met sherry Rodekool jam, Hutspot, roer gebakken broccoli, schorseneren

  Ingrediënten: Duck breast, honey, lavender, pink pepper, sea salt Apple stroop, sherry Red cabbage, apple, orange, vinegar, sugar, cinnamon Broccoli florets, salsify, new potatoes, rosemary, olive oil, sea salt Clean the duck breasts and score with a sharp knife … Continue reading

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Peer Bordaloue, Bosvruchten compote en rode wijn

Peer Bordaloue, Bosvruchten compote, red wine Ingredieenten: Pears, Sweet pastry, Almond cream filling Wild berries, red wine, vanilla ice cream Sweet pastry 250 g    Flour 125 g    Sugar 125 g    Butter Form a dough and allow to rest 20 minutes, Roll … Continue reading

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